Adrift On The Current

I think back on all of the times I have been through this. Of all my dogs, only two left me so suddenly that we didn’t go through this process of loss of appetite and dwindling vitality. I’ve done it again, and again.

And yet, I know in the heart of my soul, that I will continue to do it … again and again … until I, myself, am facing this sunset journey, and someone else is caring for me in my final days.

I will do it again and again, because the soul deep joy of loving and being loved by a dog is worth every tear. It’s worth every “please take another bite.” It’s worth every shattered heart when that final breath comes.

I’ll do it again and again, because what they give while they are here is what makes me whole.

Animal Messages from the Universe

Note: this is a very old post from an ancient incarnation of this blog. I found it interesting to revisit, however, so am leaving it online. Today, the message comes from Raven. A short while ago, I posted a rewrite of one of my animal communication newsletter articles on PodBlogging: The original had focused on…