A Peek Into My Brain

The other morning, I had a nightmare. It was one of those Armageddon dreams. In it, I was in a city with a lot of big buildings, but they were old and run down. There were people everywhere, but no one I actually know. Dreamstrangers. At one point, I (and many others out in the…

Apostrophe OCD

More and more, I’m seeing apostrophes added to make proper nouns plural. To make matters more itchy-scratchy, this is being done by people who know the rules of grammar, and who normally wouldn’t let something like that slip past them.

Grammar Snob

I have a confession to make. I’m a grammar snob.

In all areas of life but one, I am a very tolerant person. My heart is open to forgiveness, and I strive to show gratitude for all good things, and find things to be thankful for about the bad ones. There are very few things that really get my goat.

Bad grammar is one of those things.