Forever Lovers, Forever Foes

Imagine you’re a Druid from ancient Wales, and you get caught in a time travel accident, winding up in the 21st century….

This story has gone through several incarnations. The original draft was written over twenty years ago, and set aside. It recently went through some major rewrites after it began tugging at my brain.

It’s funny how, when you set aside a book for that long, and then you pick it up again, some of it is pretty terrible … and yet other parts are surprisingly good.

Forever Lovers was, in fact, good enough to dust off and revise. Boy, did it take a lot of revising. A chunk of the storyline revolved around computer technology. Can you imagine our heroine logging into her work station from a vacation home via telnet, using a notebook computer that operates on DOS?

I’m betting a lot of people who read this post (not that a lot of people will be reading this post) are scratching their heads and asking, “What’s a telnet?”

I guess I’d better get the book published soon, or else it will have to be rewritten yet again!

The book is awaiting cover art now; since it’s got so much sentimental value, and is so time sensitive, I will probably go the self-publishing route with this one. A friend who is also a fine illustrator has offered to do the artwork. I look forward to seeing it!

Forever Lovers, Forever Foes actually came about when a dear lady, online friend, and popular science fiction author, Josepha Sherman, made a suggestion after I mentioned a dream I’d had. We knew each other on the old GEnie information service (before the days of the internet). I had had a bizarre dream about Conan the Barbarian being loose in modern day New York City, and mentioned it jokingly in the writer’s forum. She laughed about it and said that with a few tweaks for copyright’s sake, it would make a good time-travel story.

I’m still not quite sure how Conan wound up being turned into a Druid, but there you have it. Bless her dear heart, Josepha passed away a number of years ago, leaving the writing (and reading) world with an empty place in our hearts.

I think back on the days of the original research for Forever Lovers. I made a lot of friends, some of whom are still close to me, through this little book. Having to research ancient Wales, I developed a love for the Welsh language (my ancestors are from that corner of the world, in fact). Gathering knowledge about Druids, I met some fascinating and very helpful people. I even had quite a nice email exchange with none other than Isaac Bonewits, Mr. Bonewits was the founder and Archdruid of
Ár nDraíocht Féin and the author of numerous books on neopaganism and magic, including the very popular Real Magic. He was also a really nice man. He is missed.

It’s amazing how one little book can toss a pebble into a pond, and cause so many lovely ripples that stay with you all your life.

I hope to be able to announce that Forever Lovers, Forever Foes, a paranormal light romance story, will be available soon.


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