Day One, Goal Met

Well, one day down for NaNoWriMo, 2018. The novel I’m working on is one I wrote some idea notes for years ago, and never did anything with it. It’s not a bad premise; maybe it’s even a good one. As with a lot of my stories, believe it or not, it started with a dream. I mean an actual dream, not a hope or inspiration type dream. It started, that is, with a dream, and by the time it morphed into the current book idea, it looked nothing like the dream that inspired it.

In the dream, I worked with a group of super heroes who were trying to thwart evil magicians, and the dream ended with me beheading the leading bad guy.

This book is nothing like that, whatsoever. Well, I might toss a beheading in there somewhere. You never really know.

You know, so often my brain will start in one place, thinking it’s following a specific line of thought, and by the time I’m done, it’s living in an entire different country.

Kind of like writing.

Maybe, one of these days, I’ll go back to that original dream and try again. I might actually wind up using the idea. Or I might wind up on yet another planet.

Who knows?

Today, however, I reached and passed the daily goal. I went about a hundred words over the minimum, which really isn’t much, but at least I got there. I didn’t have a lot of idea where I was going when I started writing, but I think I did okay.

There is always talk about whether you’re a “pantser” or a “planner.” I guess I’m both, depending on the story, and on my current mood. I tried outlining this one during NaNo prep month, but didn’t get very far on that. I have a vague idea of where the story is taking me, and an even more shaky notion of how it’s going to end. I guess it’s more pants than plan this time, but either way, I’m sure to have fun with it.

Do you write? Are you the sort that outlines and noodles the whole story before you start? Or do you just sit down with a blank page and let ‘er rip?

If you’re a writer, are you playing at NaNo this year? If so, I hope you win the game at the end of the month, and that you have a great time getting that story down in words!



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